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Almost Ready? To Release or Not to Release

That killer feature you’ve been working on is almost ready. That's right, almost. Almost ready can be more frustrating than not ready, because when something is not ready, at least you know where you stand. With almost ready, you're not sure if you're going to make the release schedule, or almost make it. At a start-up with a digital product, there are always going to be situations where a feature is scheduled to be released, but isn’t quite ready. Whether [...]

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Want to Know How to Network? Some Simple Steps

I always find it a bit ironic that the advice given to someone looking for a job is to network. The time to network is when you don't need something. This becomes obvious when you look at the steps to building a successful network: 1) Truly like and enjoy talking and listening to people. 2) Call someone and invite them to lunch, dinner, drinks or just have a conversation over the phone. 3) Ask them about their business, their family, [...]

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Start-up Success is Higher with the Right Product Person

“Our competitor just added this feature.” “This prospect won’t sign up until this feature is in place.” “Can we add more pictures or video here?” “My wife thinks it would be better if it worked like this.” “I don’t like this color.”How do you cut through the noise and keep your product development and delivery resources focused on what’s important? As a start-up with a digital product, the investment in and optimization of your development resources will be critical to [...]

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It Takes Years to Become an Overnight Success

Many famous and successful people have uttered a phrase similar to “It took me x years to become an overnight success!” This is as true for start-up founders as any other profession. Founding a start-up can be a wonderful experience that will expose you to new people, situations, technologies, business processes and opportunities. It may even expose you to one thing many founders hope the most for, wealth. However, if you are looking to start a new venture and wealth [...]

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