“I wish I had that idea.”

I often hear people say that when talking about the latest start-up that got acquired or went public. The reality is, in most start-up situations, many people already did. But only a few have what it takes to make it successful.

What does it take to turn a great idea into a successful business? It takes dedication, sacrifice and relentless execution. It requires believing in yourself and your idea in the face of failure and critics, and convincing others to do so as well. It takes having the right relationships, partners and friends. It takes risk, and it takes a little luck. Above all, it takes the passion to live your idea every day.  The next time you say, “I have this great idea”, ask yourself if you’re willing to go all in. If so, start looking for the right partners.

PS – The good news here is that you don’t have to be the first person to have an idea. You just have to be one of the best to bring it alive.